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PEAKEXPERT™ High–Performance Polymers and Additives Characterization
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Products and services : polymer additives quantitation

Raw material quality, quantification of UV stabilizers, antioxidants, waxes, slip additives and others.

Additives are essential to process polymers and to assure their end-use properties. Quantification of numerous additives is available from PEAKEXPERT services. PEAKEXPERT assists you to implement a new method in your laboratory or reviewing any existing method.

UV stabilizers, waxes and slip additives are our specialties.

Additives quantitation needs :

1) a step of quantitative sample preparation : this step can be more or less complex depending the chemical nature of the matrix and the additive.

2) a step of analysis by HPLC chromatography of additives against a detector calibration. Depending of the case, quantitative NMR (mostly 1H, 13C possible), GC, UV or X-ray fluorescence techniques can be prefered.
For special purposes, specific LC modes like temperature or gradient interaction chromatography are setup.

PEAKEXPERT has numerous tools available to quantify various additives :

  • UV stabilizers and HALS - such as Tinuvin 770, Chimassorb 944, 2020, 119,
  • antioxidants - such as Irganox 1010, 1076, 245, Irgafos 168,
  • PVC stabilizers
  • plasticizers - aliphatic ester, phthalates, phosphates and complex esters,
  • slip agents - wax amides such as stearamide, erucamide, EBO, EBS
  • lubricants - fatty acids, metal soaps and derivatives (GMS typical)
  • montan and bee waxes, paraffin, polyethylene wax and others
  • impact modifiers - polymer and others
  • processing aids - fluoropolymer and silicones
  • graft agents - various depending on client application
  • others on request

Note :Tinuvin, Chimassorb, Irganox and Irgafos and trademark of Ciba, now BASF..

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