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PEAKEXPERT™ High–Performance Polymers and Additives Characterization
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PEAKEXPERT : analytical laboratory of polymers


PEAKEXPERT is an independant lab and offers solutions to all customers involved in production, R&D, processing and polymer materials applications.
Main advantages are :

  • 16 years of industrial know-how in the analysis of polymers and additives
  • use of state of the art instrumentation
  • a scientific and industrial partners network
  • a quality and reactivity guarantee
  • confidentiality
PEAKEXPERT is accredited CIR by the French Research Ministry.


Nicolas Longieras

Nicolas Longieras
General Manager and founder
40 years old, M.Sc., Ph.D.

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  • 21 years experience in industry (french CEA, Japan, ARKEMA)

  • Technical specialties :
    • chromatography of polymers - GPC-SEC HPLC LAC SGIC
    • high resolution NMR - additives and polymers
    • additives and polymers chemical analysis

  • Expertise areas:

  • International publications including :
    • Molar mass analysis of polyamides 11 and 12 by size exclusion chromatography in hexafluoroisopropanol
      Polymer, Vol. 49, N°21, 2008, p. 4502-4509 by S. Laun, H. Pasch, N. Longiéras, C. Degoulet
    • Degradation of epoxy resins under high energy electron beam irradiation: radio-oxidation
      Polymer Degradation and Stability, Vol. 92, N°12, 2007, p. 2190-2197
      by N. Longiéras, M. Sebban, P. Palmas, A. Rivaton, J.L. Gardette

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