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PEAKEXPERT™ High–Performance Polymers and Additives Characterization
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Products and services : polymer deformulation

Deformulation (or Reversed Engineering) combines a variety of techniques such as extraction, separation, identification and quantification of individual components to build up the polymer formulation. Initial discussion with the client helps to determine the most effective analytical methods.

Depending of your request, analysis are carried out in our Lab or sent to a partner laboratory, selected and followed by PeakExpert.

Polyamides and polyolefins are our specialties.

Here are some of our capacities on deformulating aspects :

Polymer structure.

  • FT-IR, DSC, NMR (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P), internal and specific methods

Chemical composition ditribution of copolymers or blend - PE and PP polyolefins included

  • GPC-SEC with UV, FT-IR, MS, NMR couplings
  • Liquid chromatography in specific mode (LAC, SGIC, TGIC) with spectroscopy couplings
  • 2D/3D chromatography, internal methods

Molar masses measurement and molar masses distribution.

  • GPC-SEC in conventionnal mode
  • molar mass sensitive detector if needed such as LS and viscosimetry

Polymer additives deformulation

  • Various extraction techniques
  • broad and quick screening techniques (Yes/No response)
  • HPLC, GC and TLC
  • NMR (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P)
  • specific method setup

Quantitative end chain termination

  • potentiometry, NMR, internal methods

Mineral determination

  • quantitative : TGA, pyrolysis under controled conditions, chemical fractionnation
  • qualitative : FT-IR, Raman, X-Ray fluorescence, XRD
  • morphology observation by electronic microscopy

Elemental analysis

  • CHNOS, EDS, XRD, ICP, electronic microscopy with EDS probe, ionic chromatography IC

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